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Record Fairs in the North of England

                                                                                  Fair Dates


   AUGUST 2019

   Sunday 4th - LIVERPOOL

   Liner Hotel. Lord Nelson Street.  30 tables                  10am  -  3pm  L3 5QB

   Saturday 10th - MANCHESTER

   Sachas Hotel. Tib Street. Piccadilly. 40 tables          10am  -  4pm  M4 1SH

   Sunday 11th - CLEETHORPES

   Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road. 25 tables                10am  -  3pm  DN35 8AH

  (Free Admission)

   Saturday 17th - YORK

   City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. 25 T                10.30am - 4pm  YO1 9QL

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 24th - BOLTON

    Marketplace Shopping Centre. 20 tables               10am  -  4pm  BL1 2AL

   (Free Admission)

   Monday 26th - BUXTON

    Palace Hotel . Palace Road. 30 tables                      10am  -  4pm  SK17 6AG

   Saturday 31st - KENDAL

    Parish Hall. Kirkland (A6) 35 tables                            10am  -  4pm  LA9 5AD

   (Free Admission)

   SEPTEMBER  2019


   Saturday 7th - BLACKPOOL

   Winter Gardens. coronation Street. 30T                  10am  -  4pm  FY1 1HL

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 8th - DONCASTER

    The Dome. Lakeside North. 80 tables                      10am  -  3pm  DN4 7PD

   Saturday 14th - SHEFFIELD

    Workstation. Paternoster Row (off Sheaf St,) 30T   10am - 4pm   S1 2BX

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 15th - SKIPTON

    Town Hall. High Street. 20 tables                                10am - 4pm  BD23 1AN

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 21st - HALIFAX

    Borough Market (Albany Arcade). 30 tables         10am - 4pm HX1 1DZ

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 28th - MANCHESTER

    Sachas Hotel. Tib Street. Piccadilly. 40 tables       10am - 4pm  M4 1SH

   Sunday 29th - LIVERPOOL

    Liner Hotel. Lord Nelson Street. 30 tables                 10am - 3pm  L3 5QB

   (Free Admission)

   OCTOBER 2019

   Saturday 5th - BOLTON

    Marketplace Shopping Centre. Corporation St.    10am - 4pm  BL1 2FA

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 6th - CLEETHORPES

    Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road.   25 tables                 10am - 3pm  DN35 8AH

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 12th - YORK

    City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. 30 tables      10.30am- 4pm  YO1 9QL

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 13th - BUXTON

    Palace Hotel. Palace Road. 30 tables                        10am - 4pm  SK17 6AG

   Saturday 19th - KENDAL

    Parish Hall. Kirkland (A6).  35 tables                           10am - 4pm  LA9 5AD

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 26th - BURY

   Bury Indoor Market. 20 tables                                        9am - 4pm  BL9 0BJ

   Free Admission)

   NOVEMBER 2019

    Saturday 2nd - SHEFFIELD

   Workstation. Paternoster Row. Off Sheaf St. 30T   10am - 4pm  S1 2BX

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 3rd - DONCASTER

    The Dome. Lakeside North.  80+ tables                    10am - 3pm  DN4 7PD

   Saturday 9th - BLACKPOOL

    Winter Gardens. Coronation Street. 30 tables      10am - 4pm  FY1 1HL

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 16th - MANCHESTER

    Sachas Hotel. Tib Street. Piccadilly.  40 tables       10am - 4pm  M4 1SH


   Sunday 17th - SKIPTON

    Town Hall. High Sreet.  20 tables                                 10am - 4pm  BD23 1AN

   (Free Admission)

   Saturday 23rd - HALIFAX

    Borough  (Indoor) Market. Market Street. 25T        10am - 4pm  HD1 1DZ

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 24th - CLEETHORPES

    Memorial Hall. Grimsby Road.  25 tables                 10am - 3pm  DN 35 8AH

   (Free Admission)

    Saturday 30th - BOLTON

     Marketplace Shopping Centre. Corporation St.   10am - 4pm  BL1 2AL

   (Free Admission)

    DECEMBER 2019

    Sunday 1st - BUXTON

    Palace Hotel. Palace Road.  30 tables                       10am - 4pm  SK17 6AG

   Saturday 7th - YORK

   City Screen Cinema. Coney Street. 25 tables       10.30am - 4pm YO1 9QL

   (Free Admission)

   Sunday 15th - DONCASTER

   The Dome. Lakeside North. 80+ tables                       10am - 3pm  DN4 7PD

    Saturday 21st - BLACKPOOL









Admission charges apply at some of our fairs.

Entry fee fairs:


Doncaster Dome & Manchester Sachas Hotel:

Adults - £3.00

Seniors/Concessions - £2.00

Students - £1.50


Liverpool Liner Hotel, Buxton Palace Hotel :

Adults/Seniors/Concessions - £2.00

Students - £1.50


Free admission fairs:

Leeds, Skipton, Kendal, Bolton, Cleethorpes, York, Sheffield & Blackpool Winter Gardens are all free admission fairs

Door entry times:

The official opening time at all our fairs is 10am, with the exception of York which is 10.30am.

Closing time varies between 3pm and 4pm depending upon the fair (See individual fair dates).

Early entry & re-entry:


Early entry:

At certain fairs, notably Doncaster and Manchester, early entry is possible from around 9.00am. Although please be aware that traders may still be setting up their stalls. There is no extra charge for this.


You may leave and re-enter the fairs as many times as you wish. Just remember to keep hold of your ticket where you have paid an admission fee.

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Premier Fairs

Premier Fairs was founded by business partners Cliff Pemberton and Bernard McMylor in late 2000. The first ever fair was held at The Village, Hyde, Greater Manchester in January 2001. On February 28th 2015 a milestone of 1000 fairs was reached.

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