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Premier Music Fairs

Record fairs held every weekend througout the North of England

About us

Premier Fairs was founded by business partners Cliff Pemberton and Bernard McMylor in late 2000. The first ever fair was held at The Village, Hyde, Greater Manchester in January 2001. On February 28th 2015 a milestone of 1000 fairs was reached.


The venues have changed over this period of time, but have now settled into their present 10 venues, spread throughout the North of England. Four of our fairs are "franchised" to other operators (Kendal, Cleethorpes, Sheffield and Skipton), but still run under the banner of Premier Fairs.


With the revival in the popularity of vinyl

over the last few years there has been an

increase in both the number of dealers

and public attending, although sales of both

CD's and DVD's remain an integral part at

all our fairs.

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